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SOURCE: I took this picture.

This is a picture of my brother’s earlobe. They’ve been pierced for about 9 months now, and these red lumps formed quite awhile ago. He picks at them a lot and refuses to admit they’re anything wrong with his piercings!

He got them done at a very reputable shop that I got two of my own piercings at. However, to my knowledge he did not follow proper cleaning steps.

What’s awful? He’s got angry red lumps coming off his piercings! I’m really not sure if it’s a keloid or a bubble of some sort.

How to fix it: Go to a professional or doctor, see what they recommend. Follow proper healing instructions!

doctor wont do shit, that’s hypertrophioc scarring; its normal. not a sign of a bad piercing.  it just needs tea tree oil twice a day for a week or so and they’ll disappear. 

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    I’ve had my ears pierced several times in different places (all at reputable shops) and I always got these. I finally...
  2. tidbitofnewperspective said: Looks like hypertrophic scarring. It’s common in piercings and all it needs is tea tree oil applied to it twice a day with a cue tip for at least 2 weeks after it’s gone. It’s always best to go back to the piercer with questions; not a doctor.
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  4. black-shucks said: I used betadine on my hypertrophic scars on my industrial and it worked great.
  5. the-sound-of-regret said: My piercings are almost two months old. I played with them a lot and finally stopped. I developed bumps on the back of mine. But having left them alone for a good while now, the bumps are going down.
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    doctor wont do shit, that’s hypertrophioc scarring; its normal. not a sign of a bad piercing. it just needs tea tree oil...
  7. fuckyeahfluffies said: those look like blowouts, give him some vitamin E lotion and tell him to rub it on his ears twice daily, or go to a piercer and get them punched (pierced with a bigger gauge needle)
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